Kasus pelanggan Transformasi Extruder Changzhou


Before Transformation
aluminum extrusion equipment

After Transformation  

automatic aluminum extrusion machine hydraulic

Introduction of extrusion machine renovation products:

The client's original aluminum extrusion equipment (imported) is old and has a low universality of parts and difficulty in purchase. The wiring is aged and the automation level is low, but the machine body is sturdy. After multiple communications with the client, we have reached an agreement to renovate it as follows:

1. Replace the original motor oil pump with 2 motor main pumps, and fabricate a new motor base to be placed under the oil tank at the rear of the main body. Main motor: dual-shaft extension, 75 kw, 6 poles, 2 sets (special inverter motor).

2. Replace the original slide valve and oil pipeline, and customize a new logic valve (cartridge valve) integrated oil circuit, including the main valve block (fast forward, fast return, working forward, pressure relief, pilot valve) using Rexroth from Germany; scissors, extrusion cylinder, auxiliary valve block (Taiwan Jiugang brand); flanges and connectors are produced by our factory.

3. Redesign and fabricate the electrical system, equipped with PLC (Mitsubishi), touch screen (Weinview), constant speed control board with magnetic ruler (Guangzhou), the main motor runs with an inverter (Inovance) and various electrical components (Schneider), pressure sensors, travel switches, etc.

 A.Install an automatic aluminum extrusion machine hydraulic CNC system (functions are as follows):

   a. Speed setting and actual speed display

   b. Constant speed control and variable speed control

   c. Amplifier current setting and actual current display

   d. Actual position, variable speed position

   e. System operation parameter settings

   f. Real-time monitoring of oil tank, extrusion cylinder temperature, and extrusion pressure display.

B. Install a displacement sensor (electronic ruler) for extrusion speed, and display and adjust data on the human-machine interface:

    a. Under automatic mode, the extrusion speed can be set through the fine-tuning resistor (touch screen) of the fixed extrusion speed.

    b. A centralized circuit board is used for all PLC output relays, working and protecting PLC output.

C. The main motor control method adopts a frequency converter (energy-saving and speed-increasing).

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